To Order, please email me at: Larry@zen-lizard.com with your order and your zip code. I will email you your total cost, which includes shipping. Payment can be PayPal, or check.

**One Pound Jugs no longer available due to major cost increase in base chalk price.

X Chalk $2.50 for 2 oz and $4.75 for 4 oz size + shipping. 
See below for shipping information.


X Chalk™ the signature product of the Zen Lizard Systems line. (Click on the above image for info on this amazing chalk)


X Chalk Ball™

Perfect to help keep your X Chalk from getting air-borne. (Great for the gym) They come in a variety of colors and designs (no 2 are alike) and are produced by Stone Crush Gear (non-sweat shop) of Northren Arizona, for Zen Lizard Systems. (these come empty, so be sure to order some X Chalk to fill them up!)

Refillable - $4.00


Zen Lizard X Chalk Bag™

Put your X Chalk in the X Chalk Ball, and put that into the X Chalk Bag - now how easy can it get?

Hey - check out the 3" embroidered quasi-holographic-like patch - as it moves, the reflections move - is the Zen Lizard watching? Could be.

These excellent bags were designed and produced by Stone Crush Gear located in Northren Arizona.

They are ~6" tall and have a generous ~4" opening.

Very Refillable - $15.00
See below for shipping information.

Skin Repair™ - 15ml -$12.50 + shipping.

See below for shipping information.

Skin Repair is going to help keep your skin healthy, and repair it too. Just a drop on your fingertips each day is all you need. This is a special blend of pure carrier and essential oils, formulated by a Chinese Medicine doctor for Zen Lizard. (Not to be used on open wounds - this is for epidermis health)


Un-Callous™ $3.25 + shipping. 
See below for shipping information.

This is the best pumice stone that money can buy - loose those callouses before they tear and put you out of the game! This pumice bar will/could last *forever!

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