This page is for you! Send us your picture and tell us why you climb - seriously - just tell us your story and what makes you want to climb.

Sofia Long

Projecting a difficult route can mean I work it nonstop. I always start a route by telling myself “I’ll send it.” Knowing I believed in myself, when I top out, makes it all worth it. And nothing compares to the feelings of excitement and satisfaction I get when I send a hard problem. For me climbing is about challenging myself and competing with others.


Porter G. in Florida

Climbing is my favorite thing to do in the whole entire world. I have been climbing for 3 years and I have loved and still love every minute I get to climb. My name is Porter and I am 14 years old. My favorite type of climbing is bouldering. Whenever I am climbing it is like the world freezes and everything bad goes away. I can be by myself and just have a great time. I live in flat Florida so I climb regularly in a local gym. My dream as a climber is to climb outdoors and possibly compete in a big bouldering competition. I look to the local climbers whenever I am stuck on a bouldering problem. They help me achieve my goals and I couldn't be more thankful!

I climb for the sense of satisfaction that I get.  It’s not just the accomplishment of sending a route or problem that I find satisfying, but the entire process.  It starts when I load my pack for the day, or the week.  Planning what I might do, waiting to spend time with friends, being outdoors.  And I get a great sense of satisfaction when I am guiding too.  I love taking climbers out for their first experience on the rock, teaching them what it is all about, and sharing my passion for climbing.   I enjoy going to new climbing areas, meeting new friends, trying new routes.  One of the most satisfying endeavors is new routing.  I love the time and energy spent finding new lines, cleaning them, bolting them, and sending them.  Even more, I like to see or hear of other people climbing the routes that I have put up.  To have someone else enjoy a line that I put up gives me a great sense of accomplishment.  It makes me feel that my work has touched others lives and enriched their climbing experience.

Logan Wilcoxson

Devon Meyer

I've been climbing for several years and really enjoy seeing the progress, as my technique and strength improve. I recently started training for triathlons and completed my first just a couple of months ago! These sports tend to push me and show me that we self-define our limitations.
In addition to being an athlete, I'm also a wife, mother and artist - not always in this order...:-)


Larry Reinmuth

There are many reasons why I climb - mostly I like the way it makes me focus. When I can get to that place on the rock where everything other than the climb disappears - that's the best - total focus (yeah, Zen for sure). Me - the rock - and Mr. Gravity (oh yeah, a belayer too)

I also enjoy the challenge of climbing up something that looks friggin’ hard and impossible - and then the reward when you get it (even it means going back, and going back...) Being outside with friends - that's always good. Not really such a thing as a bad day climbing.


Jake Whittle

Climbing is a sport that many people derive a great deal of satisfaction from, and this is why I do it. I climb for the feeling I get when my arms are way pumped, and I'm just reaching the crux and have to figure out the sequence of it with out blowing it. When I do finally reach the top of that super hard route or problem; that I was a 100% positive I was going to peel on, I get a feeling that nothing else can give me. Its almost a sigh of relief, but at the same time I would do it ten more times if I had to. Also during that time of great difficulty I'm not thinking of anything except the next hold, even if there is something huge going on in the rest of the world...Nothing else matters at that moment, but only for that moment.